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Go, Grow, Give God Glory

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Triedstone Baptist Church was originally Community Baptist Church, organized in the spring of 1933 by Reverend J. P. Fincher. The original location was at the corner of St. Clair and Curtis Streets. In 1934 the church moved to 316 E. Fifth Avenue and that’s when the name was changed to Triedstone. In November 1950, plans were being speculated for the development of a new edifice. On March 4, 1951, the groundbreaking ceremony took place at the new selected site, 858 E. Third Avenue. In February 1965, the congregation moved into the lower auditorium of the new building, where Triedstone continues to serve the community.

After the death of Rev. Robinson, the church called Rev. (Bishop) Jerome H. Ross on April 25, 1966 as the new pastor. Many changes took place. The congregation grew, ministries were birthed and buses were purchased, even two albums were released: “Just To Behold His Face” and “Sunday Morning at the Stone”. Due to the growth of the church, an expansion plan got underway to renovate and enlarge the church. On Sunday, February 1977, the congregation moved into the newly renovated church. Also included in the new facility was a library and nursery.

March 6, 2005 was the kickoff for “Paving the Way”; this was the financial plan for the church recreational facility (also known as the Family Life Center). In July 2005, the groundbreaking service for the Family Life Center was held at 907 Lexington Avenue.

Currently, the Triedstone campus consists of the following facilities: main sanctuary, additional chapel, and the Family Life Center.

Core Values


We seek to advance of the Kingdom of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, through worship and fellowship; preaching and teaching of the gospel; pursuing personal Evangelism; support of missionary programs and Christian Education.



Our focus is not on membership, but on connecting people to Christ, Making Disciples, and Advancing the Kingdom of God.


Attend worship services and ministry opportunities.

Share the gifts and skills that God has blessed you with.

Worship God with your tithes and offering.