Music & Arts

About Music & Arts Ministries

The mission and purpose of the Music and Arts Ministry of Triedstone Baptist Church is to minister to the saved and unsaved through songs of praise.

To effectively be a part of the Music and Arts Ministry, one must be able to find and maintain their given part; whether it’s soprano, alto, tenor, bass, form of dance, mime, audio and video instructions and live a life according to the scriptures by studying the word of God, tithing, attending Bible Study and or Sunday School to adequately equip yourself with the knowledge of God’s plan for your life. One must not only minister on their given Sunday, but scheduled rehearsals and engagements.

Not only do we minister on our given Sunday but events within the Triedstone Ministry, in and out of state engagements as requested by our Senior Pastor and or Minister of Music.

James E. Whatley

Minister of Music

Available Music & Arts Ministries

If you are interested in any of the Music & Arts Ministries, simply click on the ministry box below and fill out and submit the linked ministry interest form.